Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anastasia Radevich-shoes designer

Anastasia has completed a diploma with distinction at London College of Fashion in footwear design- one of the world's leading colleges for footwear design that has been the ground for learning to such names as Jimmy Choo
 Her first hand-finished collection ‘Biofuture’ has been exhibited at the LCF gallery on Carnaby street in June 2009. 
she has previously worked at Aldo Group for 2 years in Montreal, designed for Bolongaro Trevor (the founders of All Saints), as well as gained work experience at Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood.
the next pair is my favourite..
if you want to see more click here


Inspiration partout said...

Amazing designs!

JeanneS said...

I have to admit, my favourite was the one before yours! She is AWESOME!
and about the haters comment, you are so damn right but some people can only think to a certain point, after that it's the "Hard disk burnt" thingie and baaaam no more candy for them ;) have you also received one?

Panagiota said...

@JeanneS:i haven't received one..yet..i guess i m not that good for a hate comment :p but when i read such comments sent to really cool bloggers with interesting posts i get pissed off!

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