Monday, February 28, 2011

another oscar post....

just a few words...first of all,the greek movie dogtooth didn't win but we are very proud anyway!my only objection is about the oscars social network got..seriously why??
last but not least..the "oscar dresses"..

Cate Blanchett & Sandra Bullock: best dressed

Vera Wang
Penelope Cruz : i'm only saying this because you are one of my favourite actress,style icon,etc..why on earth did you wore this dress???ok i know blame the time say something!!
L'Wren Scott 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mary Katrantzou AW11

 she is my favourite!i loooove her designs! here is her collection for autumn/winter 2011
 p.s: i 'll post more about her work soon...

*video taken from here & i found this site from Alecca's Rox post

Sunday, February 20, 2011

when her baby sleeps....

this came to my mail!so sweet!!! 
"This little girl's mother is a computer specialist from Helsinki , Finland . While her daughter is soundly asleep, she creates a completely different world ,from whatever she can find around her!That's how both of them became really famous. What a truly fabulous imagination!
   mum's name is Adele and her blog (one of them actually) is Mila's Daydreams
check it out!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the "i m alive" post!

first of all,a big "welcome hug" to my new readers & thanks a lot the "anonymous" readers for visiting my blog ! these last weeks my routine is full of studing, university exams,etc etc..boring stuff !the closest i ve been to "having fun" is a trip to my village...pff..i ll stop now!hope you are having more fun than i do!

 p.s (1):i read all your post,but i dont have time for comments!i ve seen some great posts out there,keep up the good work!

p.s(2): God doesnt love me much these days..seriously whatever could go wrong, did!todays highlight...i fell from the stairs...from the university’s stairs.. nobody laughed thought ..kind people..very kind!!

kisses :)

on the left: random "university"outfit (the "add caption" thing doesnt work..i m not surprised!)
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