Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the "i m alive" post!

first of all,a big "welcome hug" to my new readers & thanks a lot the "anonymous" readers for visiting my blog ! these last weeks my routine is full of studing, university exams,etc etc..boring stuff !the closest i ve been to "having fun" is a trip to my village...pff..i ll stop now!hope you are having more fun than i do!

 p.s (1):i read all your post,but i dont have time for comments!i ve seen some great posts out there,keep up the good work!

p.s(2): God doesnt love me much these days..seriously whatever could go wrong, did!todays highlight...i fell from the stairs...from the university’s stairs.. nobody laughed thought ..kind people..very kind!!

kisses :)

on the left: random "university"outfit (the "add caption" thing doesnt work..i m not surprised!)


Nells said...

great !!full of inspiration posts!very interesting blog!following!would love to see you by my blog if you ever feel like it!kisses..and try to blog more!by the way your grandmas handbag rocks!

Panagiota said...

thanx a lot Nells for your nice words!i found your blog first and loved it!i m a follower(i think since xmas)!i have exams at the uni so no time for blogging!i read briefly all posts thougth!i ll make my comments soon!kisses! :)

Stephanie said...

Poor Panagiota, perastika..I hope you are okay and didnt hurt!!!! Is this black bag your grandma's?? Because it is so so pretty..:) big kiss X

Panagiota said...

@Stephanie:thanks sweety!i m fine now,it didnt hurt..much..as for the bag,yes it used to be my grandmother's..now its mine :p!
kisses :)

Helen said...

Poso se katalavaino.. :/


VeRo! said...

maaaa pou eisai poluagaphmenh?? leipeis apo thn blogosphera!!! :D

pare k alles kardoules xixixixixi

Panagiota said...

ax glukia mou Vero!exw akomi exetastiki!diavazw ta post sas sto telos tis imeras gia na xalarwnw,alla den exw kouragio gia comments,posts ktl!teleiwnw afti tin vdomada,opote an erxode apanota mails me comments mou mi paraxenefteis!!
kisses :)

Signorina Christina said...

Hey , upomonh gia to ola pane strava ki edw mia ap'ta idia... Gia thn eksetastikh de tha sxoliasw gt se noiwthw!Na perasei ki auth h vdomada na hremhsoume!!!Kala h tsanta einai teleia!!!Grandma's treasure!!! :D


Panagiota said...

@Christina:se efxaristw gia ta gluka sou logia!oso gia tin tsada..treasure de les tipota!!:)

A BRIT GREEK said...

Hope you're ok after your fall!
Be careful and have fun on the weekend!

Panagiota said...

@A Brit Greek:thanx for stopping by so often!i m fine now!it hurt but everything its ok!hope you also have a nice weekend!kisses :)

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