How did you come up with the idea of your blog-title?
Every city has big streets where all shops are, but in her narrow streets is where you can find real treasures and things that are different & edgy. My blog it’s not "front row", it is hiding behind bigger ones, but it’s my treasure! Everything I read and inspire me is right here!

Do you take advertisements on your blog?
Possibly. To be honest, I'd rather keep my blog ad-free. However, if you think your product is of my taste and would interest my readers, you can contact me for more details.

What about the pictures on your blog?
Most of the pictures in this blog are personal. So if you want to use any of them, it cannot be for profit, and you have to link them back to this blog. The rest, which do not belong to me, are posted for commentary reasons. If you own rights to any of them and you don't want to appear in my blog, please email me and I will remove them.
(if you have any questions about my blog you'd like me to answer, please sent me an email at pk.209@hotmail.com)

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