Monday, June 25, 2012

do you want to feel like a goddess this summer?

look what i magazine freak discovered!
a Greek company founded in 2011 that makes shoes inspired by ancient Greek goddesses, nymphs and muses,called

 Ancient Greek Sandals are handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries
According to an ancient Greek myth, the gods and goddesses had their sandals made
on the beautiful island of Crete by a gifted sandal maker who enriched each pair with
magical powers.

Famous for having made the flying sandals for Hermes, the sandal maker also embellished them with his personal signature... a ‘golden wing’ buckle.
for more information about the company,more styles & colours click here

Friday, June 15, 2012

me & sunglasses for a special blog day

ok, it's not a 'fashion' post, but a funny one!while i was organizing my pic folders,i realized that i had many photos..(not beautiful ones :p) ..wearing sunglasses that mostly belong to my friends!
i must confess..i have a thing with other's sunglasses..
i try them on..and then force them to take a picture of me,wearing them..(!)
and honestly,i don't know why!!
oh silly me!
some of them bellow
lol :p

p.s: my blog is 2 years old already and i am not bored posting yet(ok,i don't post often but i'm still here!)
it's my digital inspiration book,as i like to call it!
it includes all these interesting things i read in magazines(oh yes..i buy many of them),moments of my life,my favorite blogs!
but most important is a way to communicate with all of you with whom i share one of my favorite hobby-fashion! 
so thanks for reading my thoughts-posts ;)
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