Saturday, October 23, 2010

do you know what i like most about giveaways..???

23-26/10/10   S/S 2011
Celebrity Skin

...winning them!!So beacause of this giveaway Alecca Rox organized , i' m going to Athens tomorrow!On Monday i'm going to attend Celebrity Skin fashion show(for those who haven't noticed it is Athens Xclusive Designers Week) first fashion show actually!!! and i'm so excited!!not only because it's my first show but also because i like a lot their work!stay tuned for a "report" from someone with no experience at all!!

kisses sweeties!have a nice weekend too! 

p.s (1): special thank to Alecca once more!!
p.s(2): bloggers with previous experience..any tips?although Stella's post from Shopping Therapy  was informative enough!


katerina said...

Ho hun! we'll be waiting for you! contact me to meet there!

Panagiota said...

ok Katerina i'll send you an email!thanx for telling me so!i also want to meet you all!! :)

Maria G. said...

Ohhhh! What luck, darling! Have a great great time and inform us about your experience! :D

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