Thursday, October 28, 2010

AXDW S/S '11 : Afroditi Hera

colourful dresses (most of them maxi with a sexy back) +  diffrent materials sewed together + indy influence = extra summery collection!
not my style but i really liked some of them!i also loved the shoes and the hairstyle!

my favourite!!loved it!!

2nd favourite!

the offiicial hairstyle for the summer
aren't they cute?

AXDW S/S '11 : Celebrity Skin

Their collection is called "cemeterial purity" and i loved their work!Even if some of us didn't know that, we could have guessed it!The make up was nude and the hairstyle simple: not only pure but also a perfect canvas for the most important thing the clothes.Their designs were also simple,nothing too edgy , nothing you 've seen before , perfect symmetry.Basic colours they used : black,white,grey,nude
totally wearable , easy combined.
I 'm wondering what are they up for their next collection..

p.s 1: it was the first time i attended a fashion show and as a result i only have bad pics...blame my excitement for that!the video is better i think..
p.s 2 : next presentation will be better.I was front row so better pics!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AXDW S/S '11 : my experience

I only attended 2 shows (pics comming soon) so you can't call me an expert!Some things made good impression on me and some others bad..let's start with the positive part! 

1st of all the shows: professional models walking in front of me(some of them were really good,unfortunately i don't know their name )wearing clothes of high quality and  really nice designs!(more in the next post)the music was perfect and everything well organized!  
2nd the other bloggers:i finaly met some of them!at first i was shy but i couldn't leave without saying "hi" (hope i didn't seem like some kind of creep to you, girls!It was really nice to meet you all!)

The only thing i didn't like:
the wannabe celebrities and experts!You can spot them a)from the way they are dressed:clothes everyday people wear and something to stand out(crazy shoes or make up or feathers on their head etc)well this is not personal style!!This is more like"look at me "style.b)the way they look at you:it's more like they think"who is that girl in an outfit that costs less than 100$ and a smile on her face?doesn't she know that smiling is out of fashion?"
thank god they weren't many!! :p  

p.s: check my blogroll for other greek blogs in order to see some really good presentations of axdw shows!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

do you know what i like most about giveaways..???

23-26/10/10   S/S 2011
Celebrity Skin

...winning them!!So beacause of this giveaway Alecca Rox organized , i' m going to Athens tomorrow!On Monday i'm going to attend Celebrity Skin fashion show(for those who haven't noticed it is Athens Xclusive Designers Week) first fashion show actually!!! and i'm so excited!!not only because it's my first show but also because i like a lot their work!stay tuned for a "report" from someone with no experience at all!!

kisses sweeties!have a nice weekend too! 

p.s (1): special thank to Alecca once more!!
p.s(2): bloggers with previous experience..any tips?although Stella's post from Shopping Therapy  was informative enough!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

obsessed with "star style"...

 i really needed a break!i'm studing for my proficiency exam on november and i have to do so many tests everyday!!so i really needed some inspiration! thank god a week off is coming!

p.s: as you realished 3 pics from Blake...again..well,i like gossip girl,i like Blake Lively's outfits and i'm not ashamed of it!! :-p

Sunday, October 17, 2010

have you got yours?

to be accurate..i didn't buy was a gift from my best friend and it made my day!So better don't buy it for you ,buy it for your best (girl) friend.It's so nice to convey the message and create a motive for her to get informed about breast cancer.
Dukas Hatzidoukas has collaborated  for another season with  Estee Lauder in creating the 'Pink Ribbon Bracelet'.It is  available at all Estee Lauder selling points.The amount of money raised  will go towards supporting the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer - Alma Zois.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

for nice girls who like stuff..

or should i say...from nice girls who know exactly what i like! Yesterday i received a late gift for my birthday from my friends and i loved it! thanks a lot girls!!

the "beauty"above was in here!!loved that too....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Elle Macpherson i want your scarf so..

please contact for the details ( i know u read my blog..)

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