Tuesday, February 19, 2013

..and that my friend is art

I truly believe that fashion, above many things, is art.
Many would say "come on, seriously girl, would you wear any of these dresses to go to a club or..anywhere?''
Well..i have to admit..no..
BUT as i said before, fashion  is not those colorful things called clothes.. 
it's so much more!
and i have proof..
She made photos come alive on dresses..!! how cool is that?!

 more info here

1 comment:

Christina/ Fashionable.gr said...

Θα συμφωνήσω απόλυτα μαζί σου!
Αυτό είναι τέχνη!
Φιλιά πολλά γλυκιά μου!

Lot's of love!

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