Sunday, June 20, 2010

the real fashion icons..

i just read an article from Marie Claire magazine about stylists and i wonder:are they the real stars who should be called fashion icons?we've seen stars on the red carpet and admire them for their talent and style ,envy them for having everything...but we don't realize that their stylist spend hours to find the perfect dress months ago!(actually in Marie Clair says that, for Oscars on march, stylists start looking for THE dress from September!!)how amazing these people are!they make what we call "personal style" for so many celebrities!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

my hobby!!

My hobby is making jewellery for me and my friends. i' m also trying to make some simple t-shirts decorated the way i want but i keep on failing. I hope i'll make something decent soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


ok they are mad awards,we know that!but why celebrities are trying to prove that they are mad too by wearing all these crazy clothes??however,i liked Doukisas Nomikou and Despinas Vandi outfit.both of them are colourful,youthful,and suitable for the occasion!i have one question though:Despina's coat was sewed on her shirt?

photos from STYLISTA.GR

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

inspiring outfit from Blake Lively

who said that all-stars doesn't go to an official occasion??Blake proves that personal style goes everywhere!

i have a dream..

please don't laught!! i love Carrie's wardrobe! i don't dream of a whole room..just for a bigger wardrobe..ok maybe with more manolos in it and more louboutin (did i mention that i have a thing with shoes??) i dont have so many clothes to put in but i like to have them organized(did i mention that i want to have EVERYTHING organized??)when your clothes are in a so beautiful, big wardrobe , dressing up becomes a game! i hope my dream comes true on day..

speaking about movies..

i love love love watching movies!!! here are 2 movies ... one i really looking forward to see and another one, i ll go soon to watch!! i haven t seen them yet but i recommend them to u!! i ll write soon my opinion..

favourite outfits

the last few years i collect from magazines and internet my favourite outfits.i think it 's time to share them with u (not all of them...believe me i have many!!)i know that most of them are not recent ,but aren't they FABULOUS???

i m new in this..

Ok its true, i dont know many things about tecnology.But i love fashion , music , movies and i have so many ideas that i want to share!!so i created my blog!I hade some problems in the beginning but my friend Vicky helped me!(thanks a lot!!) So here i am ! I ll post something more intresting soon!
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