Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i have a dream..

please don't laught!! i love Carrie's wardrobe! i don't dream of a whole room..just for a bigger wardrobe..ok maybe with more manolos in it and more louboutin (did i mention that i have a thing with shoes??) i dont have so many clothes to put in but i like to have them organized(did i mention that i want to have EVERYTHING organized??)when your clothes are in a so beautiful, big wardrobe , dressing up becomes a game! i hope my dream comes true on day..


paris1810 said...

Βαζω τη ντουλαπα, βαζεις τα louboutin...???

Panagiota said...

nai nai!!trele big brother!mou xeis taxei polla..

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