Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fuchsia Vs black

you can find them here
...and the winner is fuchsia!
blame my best friend for that choice!
she wears colours from head to toe, its normal for her to prefer the fuchsia ones!!
for me it isn't..i like colour matching..
but i bought them..and now that i did, i'm going to wear them with everything...even red..


fashionable.gr said...

i prefer fuchsia!!!<3
follow me if you like it...:D


Raquel said...

I am not a pink girl but I quite like your sandals! Nice choice! I already have two pairs of black sandals that I wear too much and now I want some colourful ones too. I am gravitating towards yellow or red though ;)

Inspiration partout said...

I usually prefer black in just everything but when it comes to these sandals fuchsia is perfect!!!!

Maddalena said...


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