Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mary Katrantzou

 Mary Katrantzou is a Greek born designer,graduated from Central Saint Martins college.She fast made a name for herself with her bold and graphic prints.
in her own words:

"I try to fuse art into fashion.I take inspiration from an object in art or design that would be impossible to wear and translate it into a print.I think a strong print can be as definative as a cutor or a drape.That's what i'm trying to convey"

     S/S   11
"Fashion for me is applied art.Its personal ,its intuitive,it can be timeless"

She is one of my favorite designers and not because she is Greek!
I imagine myself graduating in one of her dresses..It’s impossible to happen I know.. I expect to graduate by February and till then I won’t have the money..
mmmm..maybe I should finish later..It’s a dream after all..!!
just kidding!


Style-Pursuit said...

Awesome collections! :o)



i just love her designs :) Happy 1year anniversary!
xoxo said...

entaksei!!!einai apla apisteuti!!!tin latreuo!!!iperoxo post...bravo!!!:D

A BRIT GREEK said...

She's pretty fantastic, i love her illusions style printed dress.

I'm sure that you'll be wearing a fabulous frock when you graduate!

VeRo! said...

latremenh kai taladouxa!!!!


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