Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DIY idea from friends..

A few days ago i was to a friends house and she had on her coffee table some colorful tights , some beans and some buttons.What are u doing,i asked..and she told me a necklace !! I was surprised !
If u like it too,it 's very easy to make one! All u need is : colorful tights, that u don't wear any more, buttons and some..beans or small rocks (don't use big ones, it's going to be really heavy!) Firstly u cut the tights and keep the bottom part (the legs) then you make a knot from the one edge (it will look like a flower!) Then, u put in a rock and make a knot again , until u don't have any more space . In the end , u make a knot with the two edges and sew some buttons in the flower. READY !

1 comment:

VeRo! said...

telio!!! kai to xrwma kai to "louloudiko"!


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