Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AXDW S/S '11 : my experience

I only attended 2 shows (pics comming soon) so you can't call me an expert!Some things made good impression on me and some others bad..let's start with the positive part! 

1st of all the shows: professional models walking in front of me(some of them were really good,unfortunately i don't know their name )wearing clothes of high quality and  really nice designs!(more in the next post)the music was perfect and everything well organized!  
2nd the other bloggers:i finaly met some of them!at first i was shy but i couldn't leave without saying "hi" (hope i didn't seem like some kind of creep to you, girls!It was really nice to meet you all!)

The only thing i didn't like:
the wannabe celebrities and experts!You can spot them a)from the way they are dressed:clothes everyday people wear and something to stand out(crazy shoes or make up or feathers on their head etc)well this is not personal style!!This is more like"look at me "style.b)the way they look at you:it's more like they think"who is that girl in an outfit that costs less than 100$ and a smile on her face?doesn't she know that smiling is out of fashion?"
thank god they weren't many!! :p  

p.s: check my blogroll for other greek blogs in order to see some really good presentations of axdw shows!


katerina said...

We were really happy to meet you Pangiota! Hope to meet you again soon! And I ma waiting for your reports! Kiss kiss!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Aw hun, I hope you had a fantastic experience - very good of you to meet all the other blogger's face to face - something i'm yet to do properly (except for Maddie & Katerina) as there are so many lovely girlies who have fantastic blogs too.

I did lol at the line about seeming like a creep...! you're so sweet!

Pasiphae said...

It was nice t the AXDW, but you are right about the things you didn't like. The people that look at you in a weird way because your outfit is less than $100 are ignorants! Because style and elegance cannot be bought. You either have it, or you don't! (mi masas loipon!)

DinDinaki Koudounaki said...

nice to meet u girl! of course u did NOT seem to us like a creep. Au contraire i believe only a kind peson stops just simply to say ''hi there''. i m kinda sick of persons that you have network interaction but when you meet them in peson they pretend that they don't know you. nuf with them.
hope to cu soon girl!nice post btw!

Panagiota said...

@ Katerina + DinDinaki hope to see u soon again!! :)

@ A Brit Greek i had a really good time!really enjoyed the whole thing!thanx for your comment!:)

@ Pasiphae:thank u very much for your sweet comment! :)

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