Thursday, October 28, 2010

AXDW S/S '11 : Celebrity Skin

Their collection is called "cemeterial purity" and i loved their work!Even if some of us didn't know that, we could have guessed it!The make up was nude and the hairstyle simple: not only pure but also a perfect canvas for the most important thing the clothes.Their designs were also simple,nothing too edgy , nothing you 've seen before , perfect symmetry.Basic colours they used : black,white,grey,nude
totally wearable , easy combined.
I 'm wondering what are they up for their next collection..

p.s 1: it was the first time i attended a fashion show and as a result i only have bad pics...blame my excitement for that!the video is better i think..
p.s 2 : next presentation will be better.I was front row so better pics!

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