Friday, August 13, 2010

Blake Lively on Set..

Remember my second post about my favourite outfits?

Speaking for inspiration in my last posts..Gossip Girl is the new sex and the city for me,as for the outfits of its actors..esp Serena's are my favourite ones.So look some of them and choose your best and try to make them fit best for you..i 'll do the same ;)


Πέιπερ Πλέιν said...

give me her body first and I' ll choose THE ideal outfit afterwards :P

nina said...

I am not THAT much into her, she is more like a Barbie in my eyes. And don't forget, that she has over 392424236 stylists to make her look like she does. ;) I am a fan of Leighton Meester anyway, so maybe that's also a reason, I don't like Blake Lively like a crazy. But I can't wait to see, how it's going to be in season 4. Have you watched all the released episodes? xo

Panagiota said...

I agree with u ,she actually looks like a barbie!I know that her gorgeous hair are extensions..and if u look at my last post in June,u 'll see that i also know that all these perfect stylish girls have stylists!I just prefer Serena's outfits more;Blair is too "mix & max" for me!At least she was in the last 2 seasons I've watched.Maybe I'll change my mind.. :) whatever,I'm fan of G.G and who ever the stylist is congrats!! xo

Reaction said...

I agree with you!among these combination i like most the one with the blue jacket....I didnt know she had extentios!mmmm!i love the g.g too!

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