Sunday, November 14, 2010

eat healthy, work out, find what fits you best...

Lately i’ve been thinking about diets..ok..obssesion with diets. I thought that we were over that nowadays! Fashion designers are hiring models whose size is not zero, plus size models(i don't agree with this title, but whatever..)are becoming more and more popular and last but not least, this seasons fashion is all about curves! 
So girls, please, RELAX..haven't you heard??
obessity is out  but  curves are in! 

 put a belt around your waist and go have some fun!
(some photos for inspiration..focus on the outfits, not on  their  body)


VeRo! said...

tell them! tell them! ( ek tou pesta pesta! hahaha).
i have to tell you proudly that i am the fashion blogger with the greek mama! diets are impossible with her!

no more diets and sick thin bodies!
extra plus plus zero size! hehee

Velveteen said...

Ah, great idea! But it's really easy to go from curvy to chubby!

_ansia_ said...

Αγαπώ το στυλ των 50's και των pin-up girls, και τώρα με την επιτυχία του Mad Men νιώθω απενοχοποιημένη.
Πως μ' αρέσει που βλέπω ρουχαλάκια που αγκαλιάζουν- και δεν κάνουν άχαρες- τις καμπύλες. :D
Τις έχω και τις χαίρομαι.

The Dandizette said...

I love that curves are in but disappointed that the fashion industry's version of 'curvey' is more like a small average. Bear in mind that the 'average' dress size in England is a 16/18 and the average plus size model is a 12. However I def don't think people should let themselves get to the size where they are unhealthy and can't get out of bed.


Raquel said...

completely agree with what you say.
and yay for belts!

Stephanie said...

You go girl..pes ta ;)

Panagiota said...

thank you all for your comments!i m happy to see that most of you agree that diets can cause problems sometimes than solve!Velveteen and the dandizette , you are right,we all should be careful with what we eat,it's easy to become fat!like ancient greek said:all things in moderation(ΠΑΝ ΜΕΤΡΟΝ ΑΡΙΣΤΟΝ) :)

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