Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my unique ugly outfit pics :p

shoes all star, jeans & tee zara ,jacket really old cant remember where from, scarf grandmum's vintage
When it's raining and my calendar says it's May, i get really pissed off! that’s why i wear colour..kisses :)


Lorelai● said...

hahaha k mena me tsatizei auti anoixiatika!!
to jean jacket fainetai teleio!oldshcoolia!

Πέιπερ Πλέιν said...

εγω μια φορα, ανετα τα φοραγα και θα το παιζα και ροκαμπίλι :Ρ
ακους εκει ugly..

ps: αδυνατισες εσυ;!

Style-Pursuit said...

Who cares about pictures, when the outfit is so feraking cool! :o)
Love it!


VeRo! said...

agapw padelonaki!

Konstantina Tzortzi said...

teleio to kokkino panteloni :)
thelw k egw ena gia anoiksi sigoura!alla edw exei mpei to kalokairi!


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