Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nicholas Kirkwood for Peter Pilotto

Shoes at Peter Pilotto's Spring/Summer 2012 collection, designed by Nicholas Kirkwood
if you separate some parts of the shoe you may say "mm..not so good".
But who does that to a shoe anyway!
they are cute.
end of the story.


Πέιπερ Πλέιν said...

οχι με φανταζεσαι εμενα πανω σε αυτα τα παπουτσια Μπλογκες; :D said...

Eksairetika! Den exo logia! Ta latrepsa...ta xromata tous einai pla ipeoxa! Agapame Nicholas!

Panagiota said...

@Πειπερ Πλειν:σε φανταζομαι γιατι εισαι τρελιαρα και σ αρεσουν τα περιεργα!!το μονο που μπορει να σε δυσκολεψει ειναι το υψος του τακουνιου!(υ.γ:δε σε εχω δει σε κανα μαθημα και ανησυχω.μη και παιρνεις πτυχιο?!):*

Tessa Gould said...

I am DESPERATELY wanting to buy a pair of the NK for Peter Pilotto shoes from Spring / Summer 2012 ( but cannot find them anywhere, ebay included! If you have a pair in a US9 or 9.5 and would be interested in selling, please please please contact me +16465777299. Thx

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